Commissioned Youth Ministries

Many research groups state that the spiritual formation of someone is shaped when they are a child. However, these same groups also suggest that one of the hardest stages in the human life cycle is the adolescent stage. In this period of time, a young man/woman experiences many changes from hormones, to schools (and size of classmates), class schedules, athletic competition, etc. They also start their "love journey" with boyfriends/girlfriends. With this in mind, the enemy of our soul, who is the prince of this world, has taken notice as well. He knows that this time period in very instrumental in the shaping of their adulthood. He, the devil, has allowed culture to become enticing to our young people and uses media, music, etc. to promote his ultimate messages. With the rise of social media and enticing music, the question is "what has the church done to counter attack?" The student ministries department here at Columbia Church of God has put a program in place to answer that very question. With high-powered, up-to-date praise and worship music that is theologically sound and heart changing, relevant messages, this team believes it has a winning strategy to defeat Satan and his attempts to steal our young people. The student ministry department here at Columbia Road has adapted a new mission and vision with the core values of: Steady, Persistent, Unyielding." If you want to change this world like Jesus did with twelve disciples, who were actually very young adults, then come check us out on Wednesday nights @ 7:00 P.M. We would love to have you!!! For more information, please fill out the contact us form on our contact page or call the church offices Monday- Thursday between the hours of 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.